Summer Solstice Open Studio

June 22, 2024  9:00AM-11:30AM

Online (via Zoom)


Summer is traditionally considered a season of new beginnings. Summer solstice can be especially powerful, as the fiery energy of the sun helps burn away what wants to be let go.

It can also be a good time to reflect on what wants to be illuminated, and what must be cleared to make space for what’s to come.

Wherever you find yourself this year, I invite you to join me and a small group of kindred spirits as we welcome the season in this intimate studio session.

We’ll begin with a seasonal reading, followed by a guided visualization to help us connect with the energy of Summer.

Next, we’ll engage in some creative play, using visual journaling and intuitive collage to anchor into this energy and to set our intentions for the season to come.  I’ll share various techniques and be on hand to answer any questions as you bring Summer to life on the page.

We’ll end with an opportunity to reflect and share, and close with a second seasonal reading.

Note: this is an intuitive practice, no special supplies or “art” experience is required. In addition to a journal for capturing insights, I recommend bringing a few magazines and/or images that represent the season to you, along with scissors, glue and whatever other supplies you have on hand.