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Creative Alchemy Sessions

Think of this as a creative kick start. If you’re feeling stuck or not sure of your next moves, this is for you.  Together, we’ll take a look at the landscape and figure out your right next steps. You’ll get clarity and momentum, zero overwhelm.

Nicole’s magic is clarity and momentum. If you are feeling unclear, overwhelmed, or like the way ahead doesn’t feel like a full-body yes, go see Nicole. She’ll help shine a floodlight on the landscape, support you in understanding where the energy is, and help you cultivate better options. It’s what she does.

Steph Lagana, Mythical Enterprises

I was feeling stuck in my business- I knew all the things I “should” be doing and yet, I couldn’t seem to move forward. Within our first session, Nicole helped me see myself more clearly…like shining a spotlight on my strengths and being given a roadmap to how to use those strengths with ease. At the end, I felt lit up and ready to take off in my business – her sessions are priceless!

Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD, Centered Living

Working with Nicole allowed me to FINALLY see the common thread that weaves through my multi-passionate, multi-disciplinary business. Where others have told me to choose, or focus, she helped me fully integrate and see the clarity around the commonality of my offerings that I always sensed was there.  I now have clear ideas for language, clients, and marketing. A truly invaluable experience!

Angela Winter, Awakened Creator

Nicole helped me think through my big picture and recognize needed access points for people I serve. Thanks to her questions and insights, I have a much clearer understanding of how the project will flow and where it fits in my business.

Amy Hallberg, Courageous Wordsmith

Nicole helped me make sense of – and connect the dots between – what I thought were completely disparate interests. I left the session with a big-picture perspective, a clear understanding of the golden thread that connects my focus areas, as well as detailed next steps that will start moving me in the direction I want to go.

Nav Purewall

Nicole is a smart, effective, and straightforward coach.  She’s focused and gets right to the heart of the matter…uncovering the painful thoughts that are holding me back.  And she does so with empathy and compassion, tapping into her own life experience as a businesswoman, wife, and mother.

Suzanne Trainor,

I would recommend working with Nicole to anyone who wants greater clarity on where they are heading.

Caroline Leon,

Working with Nicole is like being wrapped in a warm cocoon of love and safety. Her gentle kindness and her ability to tease out the nuances of the energy surrounding an issue are a superb combination. Over the time we worked together, she helped me not only to define more clearly my purpose as a coach, but she also helped me find my direction as well. You cannot go wrong working with Nicole.

Lisa Lindberg, Om Cookie Coaching

Nicole has a unique gift for helping people dig deep within.  She has enabled me to open my world to new ways of thinking and believing in myself.  She has given me lifelong tools that I can apply to every aspect of my life that will allow me to live with ease, happiness, joy, and LOVE.  I will be forever grateful for having the privilege to be coached by Nicole and I know my family is thankful for that as well!

M. Young, Hospice Nurse

It was a great day! [Nicole] did a wonderful job of leading us through the experience. My friends all felt so safe and grateful for a place to open up and get centered on what we would want to see a shift in our lives. I would absolutely recommend this workshop. It exceeded my expectations and I love the art I was able to create.

Jenny Jaffe, Vision Board Magic Participant