In order to bring any big idea into the world, a certain degree of courage is required, and the amount of courage needed seems to be directly proportionate to the bigness of the idea.

Courage is not the absence of fear.

Instead, it’s feeling the fear – the whole gut-wrenching, heart-pounding, knee-trembling business – and doing the scary thing anyway.

The more important the idea is to you & your growth, the more fear-based resistance you can expect to feel.

There’s really no getting around this. The work is not to wait until the fear subsides, because it won’t.

Nor is it to water-down the idea until it feels less scary, because a watered-down idea rarely carries enough emotional fuel to keep you going through the tricky bits.

Instead, the work is to acknowledge the fear. Accept it as a natural by-product of doing big things in the world.

Connect to the power of your vision to fuel your enthusiasm and catalyze your courage.

And then do the scary thing.

Hand over hand, moving through one scary thing at a time – that’s how courage is built.