Your Soul is calling you into the life you were born to live. 

You were born into this world with a unique set of gifts, strengths, talents, and experiences. There has never been, nor will there ever be again, a person with your unique makeup. Your job while you’re on this planet is to live the fullest expression of the life that’s been given to you. 

You may already suspect this. Despite the outward appearance of success, you may have had moments where you can’t shake the nagging sense that you’re meant to be doing something more with your life, an inner prompting to figure out what exactly you were put here to do. 

These promptings are your Soul, calling you into the life you were born to live, and the work that you were meant to do. 

Your Soul longs to connect with you, help you, support you, to guide you into the fullest expression of yourself possible. She is here to show you the way. 

You can choose to ignore the voice of your Soul like I did for years. You can put up walls, bury yourself in busyness and practicalities and logistics. 

You can try to stay on top of all the things, running as fast as you can until you feel so exhausted – so soul-weary – that you begin to feel like your life is living YOU, instead of you living IT. 

I did this for many years. Despite a gnawing sense of discontent, I doggedly persisted at trying to make my life work. I excelled in my successful (but soul-draining) corporate career. I struggled under the weight of my responsibilities, trying to keep all of the plates spinning in my roles as mother, wife, employee, leader, daughter, sister, and friend. I ignored the gentle but persistent promptings, the growing sense of dissatisfaction, the inner voice keeping me awake at night, quietly whispering “NOT THIS.”

And, for a long time, I was pretty successful at keeping my Soul at bay. Until a series of events forced my heart to crack open, and the life I’d carefully constructed started coming apart at the seams. 

It was in the midst of this unraveling that I began listening to the tiny whispers from my Soul. I began noticing and then following the simple instructions as they nudged me through various situations in my life. I discovered the more I trusted these promptings, the better I felt, and the happier people around me seemed to be.  And in so doing, I rediscovered the peace, joy, creativity, and vitality that had always been available to me, buried under layers of self-doubt, perfectionism, control, and fear.  (Along the way, I revitalized my relationships, left my corporate gig, and discovered the work I am called to do.) 

In the process of reconnecting with my own Soul, I rediscovered the truth of who I am, and who I was born to be. 

Since then I’ve learned that reconnecting with your Soul doesn’t require complete upheaval of your life. (Yay!) It also doesn’t require a ton of work, years of therapy, or an Eat-Pray-Love-style quest. 

You can begin listening to your Soul’s voice right here and now, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. By tuning in and following your Soul’s guidance, you will naturally align your life with your purpose, connect with your own deep wisdom, and (re)discover who you were born to be. 

Your Soul often speaks through longings. If you’ve been longing for things to be different but aren’t sure what you should do or how to start figuring it out, I’d like to invite you to join me for a free mini-coaching session.

This is not a sales pitch. Just a simple conversation between friends, designed to help you tune into whatever it is your Soul’s calling for.  A little gift, from me to you, to help you start feeling like YOU again.