I had an interesting conversation with my husband the other night. I was going over some plans I have for my business, and shared with him that I’d been struggling with feelings of self-doubt. I’ll never forget the incredulous expression on his face when he turned and looked at me, exclaiming “You?? YOU have self doubt? You’re one of the smartest, most capable people I know!”

While I appreciated his comments (I mean, he’s supposed to say that right?? 😜), what struck me most about the conversation was how surprised he looked.

Despite over 20 years together and LOTS of sharing, the very idea that I might experience self-doubt did not match up with his observations. (Seriously, he would have been less shocked if I’d told him I was training donkeys to bungee jump!)

I don’t think I’m the exception. 

Most of the women I work with are high-achieving, competent professionals. They are known for being extremely strong, dependable, and capable.

From the outside, they look like they have their lives completely together. But on the inside they are struggling.

They’re struggling from the weight of their responsibilities, from working to keep all those plates spinning, ALL. THE. TIME.

They’re stretching themselves thin with the demands of work and family, trying to stay on top of everything that needs to get done, never feeling like they’re caught up.

Never feeling like they can slow down and just catch their breath.

Never feeling like they’re doing anything REALLY WELL.

They worry that they’re not doing enough, that things are just one misstep away from falling apart. They doubt their ability to get everything done, which just pushes them harder to PROVE they can.

So, despite feeling depleted, they do even more — mainly because doing more makes them feel like they’re doing SOMETHING.

And the whole time, the people around them marvel, saying things like “I don’t know how she does it” and “She’s always so on top of it” – never suspecting that they’re coming apart inside.

I know this, because for a really REALLY long time, this was me.

I found my way through it, and now I help other women do the same. If this sounds like you, here’s what I want you to do today.

Find ONE thing that you can take off your list. No, not by doing it, but by letting go of believing that you need to do it. You can delegate it, barter it, defer it, or just ditch it entirely.

Create a tiny bit of space in your day, space that is reserved just for YOU.

In the space that opens up, take 5 minutes to do something SUPER SIMPLE that nourishes you.

Take 5 to sit quietly and savor a cup of tea.

Take 5 to gaze out the window and really notice what you see.

Take 5 to step outside and feel the air on your cheek.

Take 5 to crank up your favorite song and sing at the top of your lungs.

Take 5 to drink in the sight of something you really love.

Slow down for 5 minutes and just give yourself a break.

Because (and I know for a FACT),

a) the world will not fall apart if you do,
b) you need it, and most importantly
c) you absolutely 1000% deserve it.