A couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of my houseplants had started to wilt.

Despite receiving what seemed to be the “right” amounts of water, sunlight, and nutrients, this plant just was not happy.

After trying a variety of things, I decided to move the plant to a different location. Since then, it’s grown at least 6 inches taller, with full, glossy and lustrous leaves.

A simple change in location was all this plant needed.

Sometimes, everything can seem “right” – on the surface it seems we have everything we need in order to thrive. And yet, despite how things appear from the outside, on the inside we feel ourselves wilting.

We think there must be something wrong with us, when in fact we may simply be in the wrong environment. We can try to tough it out and see if things get better, but sometimes we simply need to recognize that it’s time to move on.

It doesn’t make us weak or selfish.

The world is not served by our wilting – it’s served by our willingness to show up and thrive.